The purpose of the Armored Power Supply was initially to overcome the enormous amount of heat generated by crystal-resonant power sources on board Ex Tech battle machines. To do so, the body of the APS tapers upward from its central crystal shaft to allow room for a bed of manifold coolant coils. Mounted on top of the module is a large compressor into which the incandescent coolant flows through six arterial pipes.

The power flow generated by the APS consists of a pure white light emitting from its pink crystalline core. Its current purpose was not anticipated by its original designers: when an old APS power flow is introduced into an up-to-date, self-powered Ex Tech battle machine, an electro-chemical supercharge effect results in unheard-of firing speeds with negligible rises in system heat.

Its wheels, composed of an adaptive alloy of a shifting blue color, contain six small coolant bays, causing them to glow with the APS’s signature blue light. Though able to defend itself with its two classic chain guns mounted atop the compressor shaft, the APS is primarily focused on energizing friendly Mechs, allowing them to dominate on the field of battle.