A Berserker is a humanoid warrior with golden armor and electric metal blades. Though trained as a marksman, its right to bear arms was revoked the moment it slew its first ally.

The Berserker platoon is for war heroes who wish to continue fighting, but whose bloodlust renders them unable to distinguish between friend and foe. For such individuals, the Berserker Platoon is the last bastion of service.

In each hand, a Berserker traditionally wields a pair of goreblades, which are long blades attached to the wrist. The razor-sharp blades are electrically charged to inflict maximum damage. A Berserker’s XG power armor consists of a matte black inner layer for flexible movement and an outer layer of ultra-hard plating for protection.

After enlisting, a Berserker has a life expectancy of 3 weeks at most. And that’s exactly why they join.