36 Crabs per Player

Reward:3 per kill times 36 enemies + 11 bonus gold for completing the wave


A Crab is a small shore-dwelling crustacean that uses six thin, multiple jointed legs to walk at a slow pace. Its shell is a mottled orange color, blending in with the sand and rocks of the ocean’s edges, with hints of green and blue to give it added camouflage when foraging for food in shallow waters. Using two blowholes placed under the body at the joints of its middle legs, a Crab can breathe freely in open air, while it filters oxygen from water through its mouth when not on land.

Its claws, though sharp, are operated by weak joints used only to dig through sand and push away other Crabs feeding in the same area. This, and its deceptively weak armor, make a Crab a less than alarming danger.

While typically they hide from predators among the rocks and corals of the shallows, when threatened they swarm in large numbers, often only to be slaughtered and eaten by any larger foe.

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