After summoning a Dino, players permanently receive +6 gold after every wave.

Availability: Anytime


A Dino is a four-legged creature that resembles a stegosaurus. It has flat, diamond-shaped plates along its back, as well as a spiked tail. Both are made out of an organic, bonelike material which turns purple when a Dino is agitated. Though intimidating, both the back plates and tail are rather fragile, and a Dino does not rely on them for protection or use them as weapons.

Instead, a Dino’s defense comes in the form of its blue spittle. Dino spittle is strongly alkaline, which helps it pre-digest plants as it chomps on them with its stubby teeth. Coincidentally, it can also dissolve flesh, causing intense pain on contact. A Dino can belch its spittle from a distance, making it a potent threat.

A Dino is bulky, its gait lumbering, and its luminescent frontal horn is easily seen from afar. Most creatures are wise enough to steer clear of a Dino and let it be.

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