A Disciple is a spell caster who has abandoned the study of the book to embrace the study of the elements. It conducts its trainings by wading off Nova’s shores, summiting its mountains, and tending to its forests, where the whiskers atop its elongated head attune themselves to the elements, learning the voices of the wind, the waters, the heat and the earth.

A Disciple wears a flowing white gown, inscribed with runes of power. Traditionally worn by mages, the robe undergoes a metamorphosis in the presence of a Disciple in training – its shoulder-guards harden and branch out, imitating Nova’s coral reefs, and its hem shines with the deep blue of a mid-morning sky.

Disciples hurl mana-charged elemental bolts from their staves in battle. A Disciple must choose a forest branch to be a catalyst for its spells. These staves grow old and gnarled, aging in the hands of a wielder of elements, and as they age, their power grows.