34 Drill Golems per player.

Reward: 10 per kill times 34 enemies + 70 bonus gold for completing the wave. 410 Total.


A Drill Golem is a complex, self-sustaining robot composed mostly of an ultra-hard plastic. It moves using two wide triangular treads, which lift the body off the ground enough to wade through high waters or thick jungle brush.

With their original purpose lost due to long-term memory fragmentation, Drill Golems have become simple scavengers, wandering on the outskirts of metropolises, in junkyards and trash heaps. While the hydraulic claw arm of a Drill Golem grasps and maneuvers chunks of scrap, the heavy nanite-edged drill mounted on its other arm carefully shaves undesirable materials away. When this procedure is finished, the Golem pitches the raw materials into a hatch near its head for processing into fuel, plating, and even paint, to maintain its characteristic electric blue and orange coloration.

While Nova sports an abundancy of abandoned structure and debris, Drill Golems are generally drawn to the highest concentration of potential fuel, and in some cases, the search leads them to biological sources – the planet’s living inhabitants.