A Fire Elemental is a rare sight outside of the magma tunnels of active volcanoes. This formidable magma golem radiates massive quantities of heat in the form of leaping flames that emit from its upper body, which it chooses to protect with armor forged from Eternal Gold – the only material resilient enough to remain solid in the presence of a Fire Elemental.

Its lava tail gives it the ability to travel across land, leaving a wake of melted rock and scorched stone. An eternal flame sits at the heart of a Fire Elemental, from which it draws all of its power.

In battle, the lava golem will launch roiling fireballs crafted of its own essence through the air. These are of indefinite supply, as a Fire Elemental will melt and absorb materials from its surroundings to sustain its lava barrage. It also can shield itself to resist attacks at the cost of its own heat, giving it powerful defensive capabilities.

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