36 Flying Chickens per player.

Reward: 5 per kill times 36 enemies plus 16 bonus gold for completing the wave (196 Total).


A Flying Chicken is considered by most inhabitants of Nova to be airborne vermin. Relatively clumsy, slow-flying, and easy to spot at a comfortable, but not soaring, height above ground, these birds also have the disadvantage of being nearly inedible. Though nutritious, their meat is of a rotten flavor, tainted by the trace chemicals left over after digesting stink-worms and durian fruits. This unlikely defense mechanism allows a Flying Chicken to freely roam the airways above the forest.

Its feathers are a bright, monochrome orange tipped with white, forming short, rounded wings and a broad, flowing tail. Its neck boasts thicker, ruffled feathers, which protect it while it knocks its large beak against tree trunks to reach insect hives. Not to be underestimated, a Flying Chicken will swing its heavy, toughened beak with impunity at any attacker.

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