3 Granddaddies per player

Reward: 51 per kill times 3 enemies + 60 bonus gold for comepleting the wave. 213 Total.


A Granddaddy is an enormous insect-like creature who knows few comparable foes on the entire planet. It dwells underground in conspicuous hives that are covered in glowing, pink pustules, similar to the ones on the head of the best itself. Though it has an easy time finding, chasing down, and impaling prey, a Granddaddy also requires massive amounts of nutrients to maintain its activities. As a result, a Granddaddy hive will never contain more than five inhabitants.

Incredibly aggressive, these creatures rush into battle on their six legs unafraid, lowering their heads and rapidly lifting them to slice or puncture an enemy. If their towering posture, clattering teeth, and twisted fore-claws do not introduce fear into their foes, certainly the sight of a lesser defender being torn to shreds in one smooth motion will.