45 Hoppers per player.

Reward:3 per kill times 45 enemies + 12 bonus gold for completing the wave.


A Hopper is usually found in Nova’s coastal forests, where it rests during the hotter parts of the day, and sleeps at night. During the morning and in the evening, Hoppers can be seen moving towards the sea from the tree-line, leaping into the water, where they are quite nimble thanks to their webbed dorsal fans.

A Hopper typically has large eyes that bulge outward to give it a nearly complete view of its surroundings at all times. Its skin tone is a purple with various shades that change along its body. Yellow stripes run up its dorsal fan, and green rings surround its shoulders, knees, and toes. A Hopper is characterized by its hair-like feelers spanning the top of its eyes and its chin, which it grooms in order to attract mates.

Hoppers typically use their tongues to catch insects in the forest or micro-organisms in the sea, flicking them out at immense speeds. The tongue is also its primary defense mechanism against predators. Swarms of Hoppers have been known to defeat only the most unsuspecting warriors, pummeling them with tongue-lash after tongue-lash.

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