36 Killer Slugs per player.

Reward: 9 per kill times 36 enemies + 55 bonus gold for completing the wave.


A Killer Slug is a large centipede-like creature. Its gooey orange innards are encased by a tough carapace of smooth, purple cascading shells. Its elongated body consists of many segments. A pair of delicate pink antennae sprouts upward from each segment, as well as a pair of small legs below.

Killer Slugs are commonly found feasting on large dead animals, which earned their reputation as ‘killers.’ It turns out, however, that a Killer Slug’s bright and colorful appearance is a façade to scare potential predators. It is actually non-venomous, and only feeds on carrion.

A Killer Slug’s only manner of defense is to headbutt its foe. Due to its large size and deceptive strength, it is remarkably effective.