45 Kobra's per player.

Reward: 6 per kill times 45 enemies + 40 bonus gold for completing the wave.


A Kobra is large, imposing snake. On either side of its pointed head is expansive webbing that is gray-green in color with light blue streaks. When expanded, the webbing makes a Kobra appear much larger than it actually is.

A Kobra’s scaly skin is an earthy brown with a diamond pattern all along its back. Like other snakes, a Kobra’s skin feels tougher and drier than its lustrous appearance would suggest.

It has alert, diamond-shaped eyes and small, but sharp fangs and a slithering tongue. But it is the toxic venom which the Kobra produces that makes it a dangerous foe. After rearing back, a Kobra can snap its head forward like a slingshot to spit venom several body-lengths away with pinpoint accuracy.