After summoning a Kraken, players will permanently receive +34 gold after every wave.

Availability: After wave 15


A Kraken is a sprawling, tentacled sea monster. A Kraken resembles a colossal squid with a huge, gaping crater for a mouth, lined with razor sharp teeth.

Its smooth, wet flesh is purple, with yellow discolorations at the ends of its tentacles. It has a large, diamond-shaped forehead that is brawny with muscle, and marked with a similar yellow pattern. Between its forehead and jaws are two spherical, bulbous eyes on either side.

Each of a Kraken’s eight tentacles move independently. A Kraken uses its tentacles to swim as well as to seize its prey. Its tentacles then ooze a sweet-smelling poison that saps whatever strength the prey still has left.

A Kraken lives in the depths of the ocean, and it only surfaces when desperately hungry.