Legion TD 2 is a multiplayer free-to-play game for PC that will be available on Steam. It's a standalone game from the team that made the classic Legion TD mod.

  • First ever 4v4 competitive TD for PC.
  • Same core gameplay as the classic Legion TD mod.
  • Features a fantasy sci-fi world with 80+ unique characters.
  • Free-to-Try, but not pay-to-win.

You are a legion commander!

Your king is counting on you. Deploy fighters in your lane to stop enemy creatures from killing your king.

Like football or basketball, Legion TD 2 is played in matches. Each match is typically played by two teams of four players. The team whose king survives longer, wins the match. From start to finish, a match lasts about 25 minutes.

Overview Edit


A Legion TD 2 match takes place on a symmetric playing field, each side consisting of four lanes and a throne room. The match plays out over consecutive rounds of enemy attacks until either team's king is defeated.

Before each round, deploy fighters and upgrade existing ones in your lane. At the beginning of each round, enemies appear from spawn points, then travel through lanes. Lanes then merge into a shared corridor which leads to the bridge. At the end of the bridge is the throne room where the king stands.

It's up to your fighters to stop the creatures from advancing!

When all creatures are defeated, the round ends. Your fighters are restored to their original formation, and you receive gold for completing the round. It's now time to prepare for the next round!




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