After summoning a Lizard, players permanently receive +2 gold after every wave.

Availability: Anytime


A Lizard is a bipedal reptile that carries a spear. It has green skin, with blue spots on its forehead, shoulders, and upper-arms. It has pale, pink webbed sail that runs down its spine. It has large, pointed ears, which give its head a triangular form.

A Lizard’s cleverness compensates for its small size. It crafts spears using fallen branches and spearheads by sharpening pebbles. The spearheads are then attached to the shaft through tying threads of dogbane into tight knots. It throws these spears to hunt prey from a distance.

Lizards are attracted to shiny objects; many have stashes of shiny treasures hidden away, and it is not uncommon to spot a lizard with an earring or two.

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