3 Maccabeus per player

Reward: 100 per kill times 3 + 200 bonus gold for completing the wave. 500 Total


A Maccabeus is a legendary gigantic tortoise. It has a dark, spiky shell that resembles a mountain range. It stands upright on two hind legs, giving it an imposing height that makes all other creatures seem puny. Its neck and limbs are thick with muscle, and it has grown far too large to fit into its shell.

Its pale purple skin has seldom seen the light of day, as a Maccabeus rarely leaves the deep swamp, where it hibernates for three quarters of the year. Vines grow readily from a Maccabeus’s underbelly, and even from its mouth, planting their roots in its nutrient-rich jaw. In return, the vines conceal the Maccabeus so that it may sleep undisturbed.

Because of this behavior, a Maccabeus is easily mistaken for a land formation. The few eyewitness accounts of an active Maccabeus are mistrusted as exaggerated storytelling, for surely its eyes do not glow purple, and it most certainly does not breathe fire.