30 per player

Reward: 6 per kill times 30 enemies + 20 bonus gold for completing the wave. 200 Total.


Amongst the bright flowers and fungi of the jungle, a Mantis is able to flash past its prey nearly undetected. When moving at such speeds, a Mantis lays its wings flat against its body. Though not used for flight, these small, yellow and pink mottled fans act as rudders for a Mantis’s quick movements among the boughs and vines of its home.

A Mantis detects prey and predator using its large, pink segmented eyes and a pair of branched antennae atop its head. These mechanisms act with incredible precision, allowing a Mantis to wield its weapons, a pair of scythe-like forearms, with deadly technique.

Hunting in packs, Mantises can close in on targets and slice away with these blades with impunity, as their instincts and sensory detection are powerful enough that they would never miss a swing.

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