The proportion between the size of a Millennium’s cannon and its chassis is much larger than that of the average tank. This balance is made possible by efficient design and lightweight materials, though the weapon’s kick-back is substantial enough to require its designers to build the machine with a pervasive shock-absorbing system. This allows the chassis to ride backwards and “pull” the heavy, eight wheel treads up and away from the ground underneath.

The cannon is unmistakably Goliath-class: an Ex-Tech design which fires large, explosive shells that are replicated on-site within the tank’s robotics core, allowing it to fire continuously during long battles.

A Millennium’s armor is painted with a reflective agent, which gives off its characteristic blue sheen. Other components, including the two frontal plasma cannons as well as the tank’s wheels, boast the teal of a nanite coating, designed to augment its already tough battle armor. The Millennium’s resulting strength has made it one of the most decorated Mechs in Nova’s history.