After summoning a Mimic, players permanently receive +10 gold after every wave.

Availability: Anytime


The Mimic is a combined organism whose individual members live together symbiotically. Its primary structure is a neurologically simple being composed of bone, muscle, and cartilage that takes the shape of a chest. Its outside is covered in colonies of lichen that give it a wooden texture, tinged green by moss, and layered just on the inside of the rim are rows of sharp, serrated teeth.

Making its home on the inside of the chest structure is a community of carnivorous vines. Some appear larger and older and branch out at the ends, secreting digestive acids in order to grasp prey or surfaces. Others are thick and singular – agile enough to serve as legs, propelling the creature at unlikely speeds. Another type has what appear to be flowers on the end that open to reveal free-moving eyes, with which the Mimic spies prey in any direction.

Extremely fast and well armored, it propels itself by use of thick, agile vines, and uses its exoskeletal chest as both a shield and battering ram. The Mimic’s viciousness and many weapons make it capable of taking on creatures two and even three times its size. Its savage temperament can be attributed to the fact that in defending itself, it defends the many minor lifeforms that make it up.

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