A Mudman is a personification of the earth itself, a hulking golem borne up from the ground by a combination of restlessness and mysterious elemental affinities. Because they often rest, entire civilizations of Mudmen can inhabit any part of Nova and simply appear as a field of rocks, or a cluster of boulders on the side of a mountain.

Awoken, a Mudman moves with surprising alacrity. The creature’s suppleness comes from a malleable inner core, identifiable by its bright yellow tone when it is visible in between the pieces of a Mudman’s rocky armor. Its body ends at the bottom of its torso, where it interacts with the ground by shedding and recycling dirt and pebbles as it moves, shifting its weight through the manipulation of its inner core.

Though a Mudman’s only weapons are its fists, its teeth being dull and unwieldy for combat, they are formidable weapons indeed, swung with the strength of an earthquake and heavy with the weight of boulders.

"Earth incarnate has no need for legs."