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At the far reaches of the void drifts a planet unlike any other. A lush world covered in verdant jungles and dotted with restless oceans. Fantastic and alien creatures roam the landscape, forming a biosphere of seemingly impossible diversity. But beneath the canopies and among the rocks, artificial constructs slice through the soil and reach into the sky. These ancient artifacts betray the secret of this world: it was crafted by sentient hands.

Now, aeons of mysteries about this planet have begun to surface, as a deranged sickness permeates the wildlife, turning once-docile creatures mad with bloodthirst. Desire to possess mythium—a precious blue crystal with magical energy—incites strife among intelligent races. Distinct legions have emerged under various commanders, each with their own strengths and ideals.

The age of peace has ended. The time for war has come.

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