36 Quill Shooters per player.

Reward: 5 per kill times 36 enemies + 14 bonus gold for completing the wave.


A Quill Shooter is a desert boar-like creature with a red-orange hide and long, white claws. It runs low to the ground with wide-splayed elbows and has a long snout.

Rather the result of social conditioning than evolution, the oft-hunted Quill Shooters of Nova’s desert basins developed the unique ability of launching spines from their backs to defend themselves from predators. A Quill Shooter sports two coveted, pearlescent ivory tusks on the end of its snout. Used during mating rituals, these are not nearly as dangerous as the hardened keratin quills mounted on ridges along the beast’s head, back, and tail.

Heaving its hind end forward and up over its back, a Quill Shooter is able to fire these spines from a great distance. The spines also form an armor against close-quarters attackers, though a Quill Shooter is often able to disable both prey and predator at a safe distance.

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