36 Rockos per player.

Reward:5 per kill times 36 enemies + 18 bonus gold for completing the wave. 198 Total


A Rocko is a prime example of its environment’s interconnectivity. Rockos were once kept in heavy chains by the Aspects to guard their most prized secrets. After several years of captivity, subtle changes in the beasts’ immune systems spurred surface growth of the bacteria “titanicae” across Rockos’ hides, which led to a dramatic increase in the number escapes. Eventually, the Aspects gave them over for a nuisance.

Though this adaption led to Rockos’ escape from confinement, it had the side effect of making them particularly aggressive. They are prone to go on rampages at the slightest provocation, ceaselessly charging foes with their massive, bone-hardened foreheads.

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