After summoning a Safety Mole, players permanently receive +6 gold after every wave.

Availability: Anytime


A Safety Mole is a diminutive, bipedal mole. It has soft, reddish-brown fur with a light colored belly and sharp claws, white whiskers, and a peach colored nose.

Deep beneath the earth, convoluted tunnels are built to house colonies of moles, called “labours.” The majority of a labour consists of Safety Moles, who are responsible for excavating new tunnels and rooms as the colony grows in population. Each Safety Mole wears a bright red, plastic safety hat with a flashlight attachment, which helps it see in the dark when its inborn eyesight is not enough.

It uses its claws for digging, but it carries a shovel to transport loose dirt away from the colony when tunnels become untidy. If caught outside the colony, a Safety Mole will brandish its shovel as a weapon to defend itself.

It may be small in stature, but a livelihood of digging tunnels makes a Safety Mole a sturdy opponent.