40 Scorpions per player. 4 per kill times 40 enemies + 13 bonus gold for completing the wave.


The planet’s grasslands pose many dangers to the uninitiated, the most common of which is a Scorpion. Characterized by a green exoskeleton with partitions shaped like the furled leaves of plants, a Scorpion’s coloration and silhouette often allow it to comb tall grasses completely undetected. The powerful toxin held in the head of its stinger allows a Scorpion to take down critters much larger than itself. Its small claws and pincers are mainly used to pick apart its prey, often taking a day or more to finish its meal.

A Scorpion hunts not with superior speed or eyesight – its ten eyes offer little in the way of vision – but with cunning and awareness of ground vibrations. Sitting still, unwary travelers have mistaken Scorpions’ tails for fiddle-ferns, only spotting the venomous point at the last moment. Two or three stings from the tail is enough to cripple a much larger foe.

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