34 Skyfish per player.

Reward: 7 per kill times 34 enemies + 45 bonus gold for completing the wave.


A Skyfish is an airborne fish that swims through the air. It has a bulbous body which is purple with pink patches. Inside its body are hydrogen-filled gas sacs that are lighter than air, which keeps it permanently buoyant.

It has two pectoral fins, a pelvic fin, and a dorsal fin, all of which are flowing and elongated, almost like feathers. Its tail is a similar style, and all are speckled with green splotches. A Skyfish moves forward mainly by using its tail, while its other fins are used for stabilizing.

It has large white eyes, which give it excellent night vision. A Skyfish primarily feeds at night by sneaking up on prey in total silence, and then emitting infrasound waves to incapacitate them.