Only the most strictly chosen elementalists reach the rank of Starcaller, a Disciple whose duties among Nova’s branches and streams have come to an end. A Starcaller crafts for itself, upon communing with distant heavenly bodies, an amethyst-embroidered celestial robe and a simple straight staff which glows with the knowledge of the stars.

Initiation into the ranks of Starcallers is a grueling ritual during which a Disiple’s usually fiery skin and eyes solidify to create a more humanoid facial structure, one whose roiling reds and yellows have cooled to the color of a blue nebula.

Despite its drifting focus on celestial matters and its slight frame, a Starcaller proves an extremely effective ally in battle. As it flings bolts of stellar energy, it also channels the ancient knowledge of the stars into an aura that sustains and augments the powers of nearby magical beings and spell casters.