A Violet is an avian manifestation of the most vicious of Nova’s windstorms. Reflected in the aggressive coloration of its plumage – a glaring purple shot with bright yellow streaks – is a Violet’s tendency to blast across the sky at incredible speeds in erratic patterns.

Its eyes, lit by an inner spark, appear as distant lightning flashes within a storm cloud, and electricity crackles as it arcs across its torso. Violets are drawn to the largest of thunderstorms, absorbing electricity from the charged atmosphere.

A Violet’s ability to control the weather extends beyond a Windhawk’s windblasts. Violets channel lightning through their bodies, often creating thunderstorms as a result. Large lightning bolts emit from the mouth of an enraged Violet, accompanied by static electricity released by the flapping of its wings. Torrents of flesh-tearing electric shocks bombard the enemies of Violets.