45 Wales per player.

Reward: 5 per kill times 45 enemies + 26 bonus gold for completing the wave. 251 Total.


A Wale is a seal-like creature with sea-blue, mostly hairless skin. It walks upright on two legs, wears a tattered loin cloth, and carries a long wooden staff. Around its neck is a string necklace with a smooth stone ring attached. From head to tail, its back is colored darker than the rest of its body, which allows it to camouflage in the ocean when viewed from above.

It has a large, bearded head with bumps on top, and a huge mouth which contains two large tusks. It uses its tusks to break through sheets of ice to catch fish in the waters underneath.

Wales live in hierarchical clans, as sharing their collective blubber is the only way for them to survive subzero winters.