26 Wale Chiefs per player.

Reward:12 per kill times 26 enemies plus 50 bonus gold for completing the wave.


The Wale do not balk at the idea of their leaders entering the fray of battle. The Wale Chiefs are hardy warriors who prefer to put themselves in harm’s way before their brethren. The oldest members of the Wale tribes, they boast a layer of hardened, green skin across the top of their heads and backs. Accompanying this thick armor underneath are tough folds of blubber that can lessen the impact of any blow. Their limbs merely serving the purpose of walking on land when necessary, the Chiefs prefer to use their immense weight and thick tusks in battle.

Among the Wale, all but the youngest can identify a Chief merely by his tusks’ discoloration, a yellowing created by exposure to the sun and the sea. Over time, the Wale Chiefs also accumulate thick, white, brine-soaked beards and long whiskers.

While they relish a good battle, depending on the time of year, the Chiefs are also restless to retire to the shores to the south, a journey they undertake in groups, carrying only what can fit in their ceremonial baskets, mounted upon walking sticks. They sport a trio of ceremonial feathers, whose colors signify an amphibian’s respect for both land and sea.