Windhawks are legendary for their grace and beauty. Their plumage reflects the colors of dawn: a waking twilight, a glowing sun, and a clear blue sky. Sometimes it appears to meld with the sky itself, taking on the ever-changing tones of Nova’s atmosphere.

A Windhawk’s only home is the sky itself. Its propensity for flight is unmatched by any other creature on Nova. Windhawks are equipped with two parallel sets of vast wings, which augment both the speed and accuracy of its flight. Its forked tongue allows a Windhawk to diligently test changing wind patterns. The supercilium, anchored just above the eyes, have an acute steering capacity – as well as adding to the aerodynamics of a Windhawk’s form, they also give it the precision it needs to aim itself mid-flight for an attack.

They defend themselves not by scratching or pecking at their foes, but by firing powerful, concentrated gusts of air. Its four wings and paddle-like tail give it the ability to create a focused bubble of air, and launch it at any possible threats.